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Get an objective analysis of your marketing automation platform in just two weeks


Are you able to demonstrate a measurable return on your investment in marketing automation? Is your platform delivering the efficiency and performance gains promised to the business? Do you ever sit there and ask yourself "Are we doing this right?"

MarketOne International Marketing Automation Healthcheck

If you want answers to these questions – and more – you should consider a marketing automation health check.

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What you'll get

  • A comprehensive report on database composition and engagement
  • An assessment of CRM integration health
  • A report on lead score distribution
  • An objective benchmark of current automation maturity
  • Immediate hard cost savings from reduced license fees

Reports are built and made available in your instance. All recommendations are prescriptive so you can take remedial action internally if you choose.

What's involved?

We require a short discovery call to understand your business goals, and marketing-level access to your marketing automation platform instance for just 72 hours.

How much? How long?

The fee charged is nominal and you’ll have the completed output in your inbox within two weeks.

About MarketOne

MarketOne is a global demand generation agency.

We have run over 150 health checks for enterprise companies worldwide in the past six years.

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