Here's what you can do right now to get ready for GDPR

GDPR Handbook for B2B Marketers

The countdown is on. Mere mention of May 25th evokes eye rolls, confusion, and (for some) cold panic as the clock ticks down and you try to work out what you will and won't be able to do when your business switches to an opt-in consent regime.


While there is no shortage of information about the regulations, and there's very little practical advice on what is required from B2B marketers using consent as their basis to process data.


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Get ready for GDPR

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Less talk, more action

This handbook walks you through what you can start doing to be ready for GDPR. It covers the three main areas of the regulation relevant for B2B marketers using a consent regime:

  1. Recording and storing consent data
  2. Capturing consent by channel
  3. GDPR-proofing your outbound tactics

Don't hang around. Download the handbook and get your marketing practices into shape before GDPR hits. You'll be glad you did when the deadline has passed and you wake up on May 26th!

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